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Due to the current lock down, I am unable to take any bookings until further notice. What I can offer you at this present time is information and help on healthy eating and mindfulness in these uncertain times of Covid-19. Please check out the information and you also have access to an e-book I have written on healthy eating. Please enjoy!

I will not be taking any more bookings for anti-wrinkle injections for the time being. Sorry.

Derma pen or microneedling is available with a facial or with dermaplaning. Microneedling is excellent for scar tissue, acne scarring and fine lines and wrinkles.

  Facials are being offered from deluxe, exfoliating and express facial. Light therapy can be added to any of the facial treatments if required at no extra cost.

HIFU treatments are available for full face, neck, chest.


For slimming, fat freezing is coming very soon.  Lipo laser can be used in conjunction with fat freezing to maximise results. Lipo laser user cold laser technology to reduce girth and spot fat over almost all areas of the body.

RF or radio frequency is a high frequency electromagnetic wave which penetrates the dermal structure and subcutaneous tissue. RF is used for a non surgical face lift, and can assist in minimising fine lines and wrinkles. RF can also be used on the body.

40K cavitation works directly into the fatty layer, and can help reduce cellulite and assists in helping to break down the fat cells in a liquid while leaving the surrounding tissues intact. They are eliminated naturally via our bodies elimination process.

The new treatments will be available soon and will update on pricing and packages.

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